Çubuklu 29 is located on the waterfront in Çubuklu on the Asian side of the city affording a spectacular view of the Bosphorus strait and European shoreline.

Part of the 29 Group, Çubuklu 29 is owned and managed by Metin Fadıllıoğlu, a name synonymous with offering quality service, ambiance and a fine dining experience to local and international gastronomy aficionados. In the business since 1968, he is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and notable individuals in the restaurant and entertainment industries in Turkey.

Çubuklu 29 opened in 1986 and was initially managed as a restaurant and bar. In 1999, Çubuklu 29 became a venue for private functions only. Since then, it has been an Istanbul classic and a popular and preferred spot particularly for weddings as well as all sorts of other kinds of special events.

Due to its infrastructure and the fact that the entire team at Çubuklu 29 is comprised of a staff that has worked and gained experience after long years in the restaurant, bar and club sectors, the events held at Çubuklu 29 are a step ahead of the competition due to the overall ambiance and refined quality of the services offered – from the food and drink prepared and served by the skilled kitchen and wait staff to the spectacular Bosphorus waterfront location and music alternatives.

Çubuklu 29 has a sophisticated state-of-the art surround sound system that minimizes the exterior noise by containing the sound onto the dance floors. With the glass windows covering the dance floors after midnight, guests can enjoy the music until the late hours without having to move indoors. This unique feature makes Çubuklu 29 the only outdoor venue in Istanbul allowing guests to enjoy the evening after midnight, yet complying with prohibition rules of music broadcasting in outdoor areas after midnight.

The décor of Çubuklu 29 is updated every year by Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu and her ZF Design team. The internationally acclaimed interior designer has won numerous awards to include the “Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year” award in 2002 and the “Best Modern Interior” award from Design and Decoration in 2005.

Çubuklu 29 has spacious indoor and outdoor areas for your functions. The indoor area is totally glass encased and affords a clear view of the Bosphorus. Depending on weather conditions, the windows can be automatically closed or opened with its specially designed device. Çubuklu 29 opens for the season at the beginning of May, closing at the end of October.

The spacious Çubuklu 29 has a total seating capacity for 900 people and 1,500 people for a cocktail prolongé. The glass encased area has a seating capacity for 350 people and 500 people for a cocktail prolongé. The venue is also suitable for small weddings as it can be partitioned off into smaller sections.